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first class kilns to precisely match your requirements. 

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  • Whether you work in Glass or Ceramics;
  • Whether you fire with electricity or gas;
  • Whether you want to own or rent a kiln

Ge & Ge Kilns - the answer for all of your requirements


Ge & Ge Kilns is based in Melbourne, Australia. We offer some of the finest kilns available for sale or rental. Made with extreme attention to detail, they will give years of reliable service. Crafted from the finest materials and completed with some of the worlds best controllers, firing your work will be a breeze.

Ge & Ge Kilns have been manufacturing industrial and domestic kilns for over 30 years. As a result of continuous improvement, using computer design and innovation, today's product reflects our capability to produce first class kilns to match precisely our customers' requirements.
The kilns are designed to operate on either electricity or gas; our latest kilns cover many firing processes from 250°C to 1300°C.
Ge & Ge Kilns are totally committed to product quality and safety.  Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we employ rigid and disciplined controls, in line with recognised standards.



We are proud to announce the launch of our specially designed kilns for glass bead production. These small and efficient electric kilns are ideal for the production of glass jewellery and similar applications.
Of course these units are available for purchase and/or rental, just like the rest of our product range.
Take a look at these neat little kilns on our Kiln Gallery page.

Glass Bead Kiln

Maureen Nugent, a Melbourne glass artist, is an example of someone who uses our Bead Kilns.
Her work can be viewed on her website at


Ge & Ge Kilns specialise in the building of quality handmade Potters & Glass kilns.


Ge & Ge Kilns - first class kilns to precisely match your requirements


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