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Product Information

Ge & Ge Kilns - the answer for all of your requirements


We specialise in the building of innovative, quality, handmade Potters and Glass Kilns.

Quality is a cornerstone of our business approach at Ge & Ge Kilns. We are totally committed to product quality and safety. Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we employ rigid and disciplined controls, in line with recognised standards. Ge & Ge Kilns feature our exclusive interlocking brick system for reducing wear and damage to your kiln from use or transport. This allows the insulation to expand and contract during firing, greatly reducing the problem of brick splitting which occurs with glued bricks.

We manufacture kilns that operate on either electricity (single or three phase) or gas (LP and natural gas), and operate at up to 1000°C and/or 1400°C depending on the application for which it is intended.

Our custom built kilns are supported on a strong stainless steel frame. This frame is powder coated in our distinctive golden yellow and supports a stainless steel inner frame or box, which in turn houses the brick or fibre lining, or a combination of both.

To reduce corrosion problems, all doors and lids are stainless steel, including the hinge system. While not immune from corrosion, stainless steel is many times more durable and resistant than the mild steel used extensively in many other kilns.

We use only the best quality heavy-duty industrial elements for heating electric kilns. The elements are either grooved into the brick courses, or installed onto an exposed element tube support system, designed by Ge & Ge. Heating elements are also built into the floor to promote even heat distribution.

All Ge & Ge kilns are finished off with our trademark powder coated frame and logo.

All kilns with a capacity of 100 litres or greater are fitted with overtemperature controllers as standard.

Automatic controllers are utilised to manage the firing of our kilns and they make the process a breeze. We use automatic controllers for the firing of our kilns and we will teach you to use these units. We also have written instructions available. The control systems use solid state relays to provide quiet, efficient and reliable operation.

Ge & Ge Kilns are manufactured to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3820:1998


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Kilns built to individual customer requirements.

When you want reliability, consistency and control you need Ge & Ge Kilns.

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Ge & Ge Kilns - Product Information


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